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Chubbs Fnancial Group

About Us

Chubbs Financial Group LLC is a financial investigations firm that specializes in auditing agency records. Our company is dedicated to finding unclaimed assets for individuals like yourself! If you’ve received a call or a letter from us, it’s because we’ve found funds being held by the government ,a large financial instituition, utility company, etc. These funds are rightfully yours.

We’ve been in business for 18 years and strive to hold our professional standards high. We’re an ACCREDITED MEMBER OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU with an A+ RATING and are a Licensed Private Investigative firm which allows us to do highly restrictive and detailed searches in many databases!

We treat you with respect and will keep your information confidential. You need professional experts like us to help retrieve your money!

We continually audit various agencies searching for unclaimed funds or lost assets belonging to ordinary citizens just like you. When we perform our extensive research to locate these assets, we then attempt to contact the rightful owner. Sometimes that person is very difficult to find so we may also contact friends or relatives to help with the search. Once we establish contact we work with the claimant to We do all the follow up work and monitoring necessary to recover these funds to the owner.


Angie Dean, President

“As founder and President of Chubbs Financial Group LLC, I feel very fortunate to be able to assist individuals and families in the location of assets that most never knew existed. It is inspiring to work with our clients and share news with them that could improve their financial situations. My company meets the challenges that are presented in these cases and fights for their clients rights to recover assets that legally belong to them. We are dedicated to our clients and we’re here to fight for you!”