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Chubbs Financial Group LLC is a professional asset assistance company that works throughout the U.S to audit and research records to locate money held by courts, government agencies, fiduciaries, class action cases, etc. We research ownership information on these undisbursed or abandoned funds with our state of the art databases that are available to us as a Private Investigative firm. If we contact you, we believe we’ve identified money that you can rightfully claim – either as the original owner or an heir of the original owner.

There are billions, yes billions, of dollars of funds held nationwide with many agencies just waiting to be claimed. People, as well as businesses, often are unaware of their existence and that they could be entitled to these funds – until we “connect the dots” and contact them.

The existence of such funds can be in various place. Examples are, but not limited to:

  • Savings or checking accounts
  • Stocks, bonds or dividends
  • Insurance benefits/policies
  • CD’s or Trust Funds
  • Estate Proceeds

Some undistributed funds can take years to escheat to the government while others escheat more quickly. Once they do, the funds are lost and can never be recovered.

If you received a letter or call from us notifying you of funds we’ve located, we can help. We work for you to establish your claim to the money and don’t get paid unless we’re successful getting you paid!

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Chubbs Fnancial Group
Chubbs Financial Group LLC is a financial investigations firm that specializes in auditing agency records. Our company...

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